Episode 1: From Birth to Beheading - WeBelieve - Church, Charity, Nonprofit & Fundraising Responsive Theme

Empowering Youth in Rural Uganda with AAHN

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The future of poor children in Nepal living along the street is in darkness. Due to a lack of education these children have stolen loot, have addictions, have gone the way of crime. Because alienating get them from all over the place. These children need love and peace.

Under this project, the festival will provide street poor children dinner and gifts given at a good hotel. There will be cutting of cake, face painting, driving electric cars, sharing of gifts, singing and dancing. The kids will have rice, meat, chicken and ice cream in their diet and a soft drink. Dinner and gifts for Street poor children life will become a golden memory.

WeBelieve project ”Provide food & clothes to poor street children in India” This exposure will enable kids relax, share gifts, share their experiences, and tell stories in a wonderful new environment outside home for one day with the WeBelieve volunteers. Dinner and gifts for Street poor children will become a golden memory. Everything we do for these kids now will never be erased from their memories.

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Episode 1: From Birth to Beheading

The National Gallery’s exhibition programme frequently explores different aspects of devotional art. These exhibitions may focus, for example, on a specific type of religious object such as the painted altarpiece or carved cult statue. Some have investigated various features of religious iconography or have focused on subjects, compositions and techniques employed in the spiritual works of a single artist.

As the products of new research the exhibitions and displays seek to promote a greater understanding of how works of art were, and still are, used as models of moral behavior, as celebrations of the deeds of holy figures or as a plea for one’s hopes, both in this life and in the afterlife.

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