Source version

The source version is located in the template-src/ directory and is intended for people that are proficient with tools like SASS, Jade, NPM, etc.


  • template-src/gulpfile.js/ - Build system, that compiles all jade, sass, js modules into ready to use, standalone html, css and js files
  • template-src/src/jade/ - Template files from which final HTML templates are built
  • template-src/src/assets/js/ - JS modules from which final js files in js/ are built
  • template-src/src/assets/sass/ - SASS files from which final css files in css/ are built
  • template-src/src/assets/img/ - Images that are used in the theme
  • template-src/src/assets/media-demo/ - Demonstration images licensed under Creative Commons, please replace them with your own assets.
  • template-src/bower.js - Bower package manager configuration
  • template-src/package.json - NPM package manager configuration


Requirements for running the builds:

Please follow the links above in order to get installation instructions for each application. Once you have installed the required applications, open a console and navigate to your/path/to/template-src

Run the below command to install packages listed in template-src/packages.json (npm will load automatically this file and read its list of required modules):

npm install

That’s all!

Available commands

npm run dev - developer mode

To run the build in developer mode, navigate to your/path/to/template-src and run:

npm run dev

and access the dev-server on http://localhost:4001

When to use

During development in order to preview the changes made in src directory.

Features and differences:

  • The changes in sass files, jade files, etc. are automatically detected and the page is refreshed.
  • Sourcemaps are attached to js and css in order to simplify debugging.
  • The build process is tuned to skip some time-consuming tasks (like building stylesheets for all color schemes).

npm run release - release mode

To run the build in release mode, run:

npm run release

After executing this command, the build will be placed into the template-build/ directory.

When to use

After you’ve finished editing the source files and you’d like to receive the compiled, compressed and minified version of the theme. The resulting files are similar to the ones that you’ve got in template/ directory and are located in template-build/ folder.

Features and differences:

  • The css and js files are compressed and can be found next to non-compressed files in js/ and css/ directories.
  • Unlike running the build in dev-mode, the non-default color schemes are also generated.

npm run server - production server

To start production server, run:

npm run server

When to use

After you’ve run npm run release and you’d like to view the resulting template.